The Safety Pool™ Initiative was founded by Deepen AI and WMG, University of Warwick, UK. It
is as the sister initiative of the World Economic Forum Safe Drive Initiative, whose goal is to design
and deliver a policy framework for the global safety assessment of Automated Driving Systems.


Safety Pool™ mission is to unite stakeholders from industry, academia, and policymaking all around the world under a common ecosystem that bolsters transparent, certifiable safety for Automated Driving Systems.

Safety Pool™ also strives to bridge the gap between industry, academia, and policymaking by leading the research and fostering the development of common description languages, standards and mediums that allow for a meaningful exchange of technical information and artefacts across all the different stakeholders worldwide.


The first step towards Safety Pool™ mission is the creation of the Safety Pool™ Scenario Database. The database of curated driving scenarios shared across stakeholders and geographies, where organizations can exchange, research, test, benchmark scenarios and use the insights to inform the making of policy and regulatory guidelines.

Autonomous Vehicles

Our Core Values


Safety Pool™ believes in a future where Autonomous Vehicles provide a mean of transport of unmatched safety worldwide


Safety requires transparent processes, data handling, and communication


Safety Pool™ is a multistakeholder community initiative at heart that welcomes partners globally

The Steering Committee

David Webb

Head of Innovation

The Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, UK Government

Dr. Siddartha Khastgir

Head of Verification & Validation, Intelligent Vehicles

WMG, University of Warwick

Michelle Avary

Head of Automotive and Autonomous Mobility

World Economic Forum

Mike Freeman

Software Developer, Verification & Validation, Intelligent Vehicles

WMG, University of Warwick

Mohammad Musa

Founder and CEO

Deepen AI

Nicola Croce

Technical Program Manager

Deepen AI

Tim Dawkins

Lead, Automotive and Autonomous Mobility

World Economic Forum

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