Safety Pool™

The Global Incentive-based brokerage of shared Driving Scenarios and Safety Data for Autonomous Driving Systems

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Unlock Autonomous Vehicles deployment at Scale

Fill Unique Data Gaps

Solve for basic dangerous scenarios across the whole industry.
Starting from the accessible average 90%, and progressing gradually
to the last 10% of edge cases


Prevent repeating avoidable mistakes
by sharing occurrences that have or could have affected the safety
of operations


Unlock Federal, National and local governments/administrations to
take informed, data-driven regulatory decisions in collaboration
with industry

Karl Iagnemma
President, Autonomous Mobility @ APTIV

"At Aptiv, we believe that our industry makes progress by sharing, especially when it comes to safety. We are proud to be part of the World Economic Forum’s Safety Pool, and we are confident that with continued collaboration, we will deliver the safer and more accessible mobility solutions our communities deserve."

Louis Stewart
CIO @ City of Sacramento

"The City of Sacramento is excited to be the first government agency to partner with Safety Pool to improve the development of safer autonomous vehicles and establish a consensus on operational safety. By partnering with Safety Pool, cities can inform regulatory best practices and enable faster adoption of safe autonomous technologies."

Michelle Avary
Head of Automotive @ WEF

“The time has come for the industry to establish a clear consensus of how a safe automated vehicle should operate.  Creating a shared scenario library through the Safety Pool will allow us to build future data-driven safety assessments of AVs, enabling regulators to establish robust and effective AV policies.”

Martin Schleicher
EVP, Business Management @ Elektrobit

“At Elektrobit, we believe that intra-industry collaboration is critical for the safe and successful future of self-driving vehicles. EB is proud to support the World Economic Forum’s Safety Pool initiative by providing tools and data that other members can utilize to develop safe autonomous driving systems.”

Pierre Olivier
CTO @ LeddarTech

“LeddarTech strongly believes that the fastest and lowest-risk path to Autonomous Driving requires collaboration between the different industry stakeholders.  I was therefore thrilled to learn about Safety Pool and we are committed to participating actively in the success of this initiative.”

Maya Pindeus
CEO & Co-Foundeer @ Humanising Autonomy

“At Humanising Autonomy we believe that cross-sector collaboration is key for automated mobility to be adopted at scale. By contributing to Safety Pool along with the project partners, we will bring an approach that takes all road users into account, enabling mobility systems to be designed around pedestrians and the most vulnerable road users.”

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