Welcome to the Safety Pool™ Platform

A Platform Holding the Infrastructure of AV Safety

Value Credit score

Each data exchange is governed by
Value Credits. A score systems attributes
The right value to scenarios, so each member
Takes what it gives and there is the right
Incentive for everyone, big and small

Advanced Search and Filter

Search through scenarios according
To multiple variables such as sensor type,
Weather conditions, sensor configuration
Agents behavior and even more

Safety Insights

Insights generates reports and Safety tips
Out of the data present into the Pool.
In this way policy makers and regulators
Can take informed, data driven decisions

Analytics Dashboard

Health status of Safety Pool, stats on data
Diversity, type and other metrics are available
To users. Together with individual analytics
Based on data contributed and average
Data value

Visualize and Inspect

Inspect scenarios through advanced
Visualizations of sensor fused views.
Navigate the scene and explore agents
Behavior and  
And ground truth  visually

Upload & Download

Safety Pool full members have dedicated
Accounts to access the database.
Contributing and downloading dat
according to the Value Credit score